Artist, Streamer & Vtuber

Hi! I am Auteru! I am an Artist, Streamer and VTuber who streams 5 days a week over on Twitch! I am a Variety Streamer doing both Art and various Games! I hope to see you on my streams.

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I am a professional Artist who has worked in the Manga universe for 10 years! You can check out my Portfolio further down on the site, or check my commissions page with the link below! I would love to bring your OC’s to life in my own unique style!

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I have done a lot of art throughout the years! You can check out my Portfolio to see various examples of my art, ranging from Chibis, Manga drawings, Twitch Emotes and much more!

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About Me

Before I became a full time Artist and Streamer, I have been working as a Nurse (Trauma and Educator!). If you’re interested in reading more about me as a person, click the link below!

Hi! I’m Auteru!

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