Hi! I am Auteru.

I’m a Streamer who’s a VTuber who loves being artistic. I’ve been playing games and doing art related things ever since I was a little girl and it’s always been a passion of mine! Art has ended up being a huge part of my life as I use it to express my creativity.

As a professional career, I decided to work as a Nurse, which I have now been doing for almost 10 years. As a Nurse, I have been working in the ER, Trauma and Training fields where I have learned a lot of things and gotten many valuable life experiences.

In 2014 I started chasing my Art properly. I started streaming on Twitch back in March of 2020, became a VTuber and around Summer of 2021, I have transitioned into  Streaming and doing Art full time!

You can catch me over on Twitch live 5 times a week minimum! I post schedules on my Twitter weekly, to keep you updated of when I’ll be live and what I’ll be doing! I usually stream Art/Commissions and variety Gaming. You can check out my Portfolio for examples of my work!

This is just the beginning! I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about me. I hope you will jump by my Stream and say hello! I love meeting new people and having a positive influence on their life.

Knowing that I help make others happy with my energy and squeaks, truly brings me so much joy in my life. I do my best to give back and support my community as much as I can. It’s because of my Community that I am where I am today and that I get to do what I love full time – Thank you.

– Auteru

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